And Finally Phil Collins

And Finally... Phil Collins, the popular tribute show returns

‘And Finally… Phil Collins’ are recognised throughout the industry as the market leaders and definitive Phil Collins and Genesis tribute show.

Now, in their 11th year together, this highly talented eleven-piece band which includes the ‘And Finally Horns’ faithfully re-create all the classic hits from the Phil Collins and Genesis timeless back catalogue. In 2017 they present a brand-new show that is truly enhanced by new lighting, stage sets, and world-class musicians to get even closer to that immense Phil Collins production ensuring an exciting review of his fantastic work is totally guaranteed. As always the ‘two drummer’ line up remains an integral part of the act and once again the addition of a dedicated percussionist performing the Louis Conte role has moved the ‘And Finally’ experience both musically and visually to a whole different league.

In 2015 for the second time in a row ‘And Finally… Phil Collins’ were voted by the ‘Agents Association of Great Britain’ at the ‘National Tribute Music Awards’ as the… ‘OFFICIAL UK No.1’.



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2 hr show - interval at 8.30pm

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