Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in Dance

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in Dance

Presented by Solihull Young Dancers 

Based on the story by Roald Dahl. 

Mr. Willy Wonka, the eccentric owner of the greatest chocolate factory in the world, decided to open the doors of his factory to five lucky children and their parents. He devises a plan to hide five golden tickets. The search for the five golden tickets is fast and furious. Augustus Gloop, whose only hobby is eating, unwraps the first ticket. Veruca Salt, an insufferable brat, receives the next ticket Violet Beauregarde discovers the third ticket while taking a break from chewing gum. The fourth ticket goes to Mike Teavee. Poor Charlie Bucket claims the fifth and final ticket.  Grandpa Joe and Charlie set out on their adventure.

In the factory, Charlie and Grandpa Joe marvel at the unbelievable sights, sounds, whereas they are grateful towards and respectful of Mr. Wonka and his factory, the other four children succumb to their own character flaws. Accordingly, they are ejected from the factory. When only Charlie remains, Willy Wonka turns to him and congratulates him for winning and gives him the Factory.

This funloving story is translated by Solihull Young Dancers in dance by over 100 students of the borough into Dance and is the result of 8 months hard work by all. 

Please note, we are only selling tickets for rows N and P for the performance on Thursday 6 July. 

Running time: 2 hrs

Tickets: £13 - £14


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